Members Only Workspace at Treehouse
Treehouse Collaborative is excited to offer a limited number of private workspace passes to our trusted network of supporters. Members will be given a code to enter and will be able to come and go as they please during our coworking hours. During these hours, the space will be open only to members. After hours, the space will host classes and events and will not be available for coworking. Weekend hours and evening time can be requested and booked in advance if we are not using the space for other events.
Coworking Details
8 am-5:30 pm Monday - Friday
Cost: $45 / month (paid monthly via PayPal or Quickbooks online)
What we provide:
Treehouse has a large communal table, stools and chairs, high speed internet, and printer, a really nice scanner, and plenty of beverages. It’s perfect for those who need a place to go and work outside of the home, in the company of a few other people who share a similar work ethic.
This space is perfectly suited for “digital nomads” who work primarily from the phone and computer. We do not have spaces available for permanent setups at this time, nor are we well-suited for studio space for projects that require lots of cleanup or create noise (painting, woodworking, etc). If you’re looking for art studio space or a permanent desk or office, let us know! We can refer you to the right spot.
Natural light pours in through the Treehouse windows all day long. Treehouse is clean, minimalist, open. Our community will be welcome to take phone calls and have respectful, low-volume conversations with other members. The community abides by the “headphones” rule: if a member is wearing headphones, he or she is unavailable at that time.
Treehouse Collaborative is located across the street from Downshift on Campbell Ave Sw. We don’t have a parking lot, but 2 hour street parking is typically available and there is even some street parking with no time limit a short walk down the street! Bountiful coffee, draft beer and dining options are less than two blocks away. It’s a busy intersection, but we find the white noise of bustling Roanoke quite soothing.
Let’s work together!
We want to ensure that each member is a good fit for our Membership community. If you are interested in becoming a Treehouse co-working  member, please email to schedule a meeting.